Write It Down

Recently while going through some old boxes of stuff, I found slips of paper, napkins, envelopes and manuscript paper with small drumming phrases or sticking ideas. Some are really good and I'm sorry that I forgot about them for so long. It's a really good habit to write down ideas you have as they come to you so you don't forget them. Then you can work on your ideas later as you have time. I remember many times being somewhere with a group of drummers, talking about ideas, and we all were writing things down on a napkin or whatever was available. Sometimes while watching a show where one of my favorite drummers was playing, I would hear something I didn't want to forget and write it down. Today, it's much easier, with cell phones you can record or make a note when ever you want. So, why not start a written journal, on paper or digitally, of ideas and things you have heard someone play, so you can study and practice it later? I think you will find yourself going back to things you wrote years ago and find a new way to use it. You can add recordings to your journal as well. Keeping your ideas someplace where you can find them is a great way to develop "your" style. It's also a great way to continue learning, because becoming a drummer is a journey not a destination.

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