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I love to help students who are interested in playing drums and percussion. I mainly teach snare drum and drum set, but offer instruction in mallet percussion (marimba, xylophone, tympani, etc.) as well. It's extremely important for students to have a good foundation, free of bad habits, established early in their learning. I focus on grip, hand position, stickings, proper height and set up to help students achieve a good foundation. I've also helped intermediate and advanced students overcome existing problems in their playing that were hindering their progress. I focus on musicality and encourage students to ask questions about music that interests them. I like to incorporate a student's interests into their lessons to help tailor their learning experience. Often we discuss different styles of music and study other drummer's styles and interpretation of music.

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More About Me

Hi! My name is Brad Hill. I started playing drums, piano and organ in grade school. When I got to high school I decided I wanted to attend Music School, so in preparation I turned my focus to drums and percussion exclusively. I was fortunate to be able to study with world renowned percussion educator William J. Schinstine. My studies with Mr. Schinstine prepared me for the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY where I earned a Bachelor of Music in Applied Percussion Performance.  While at Eastman, I studied with John Beck (Eastman Professor, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra), Keith Copeland (Billy Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Hank Jones), David Mancini (Maynard Ferguson, Doc Severinsen, Chuck Mangione) and David Accorso (Julio Iglesias, Robert Goulet, Saratoga).

After graduating from Eastman, I toured the southern United States with a southern rock band. About a year later I moved to New Orleans where I played a dinner theater show as well as some freelance shows and recording sessions. I later returned to Pennsylvania where I studied with Carl Mottola (Smokey Robinson, Peggy Lee, Elvis Presley) and started playing in the Philadelphia/Atlantic City Areas. I played in showrooms and clubs and toured with numerous groups at that time. 

I continue to perform with a number of music groups in the north eastern part of the U.S.