Stick Creep

Some students who are new to drumming experience "stick creep." You've found the spot on the stick that works best for you, you've practiced your grip and you find that as you play your stick moves in your hand and you end up holding the stick at a place that isn't balanced and comfortable. That's "stick creep." Many drummers are familiar with stick creep and learn how to adjust so it's not a problem. You need to be aware of your hands and how the stick behaves in your hand as you play. You make small adjustments to your grip while drumming to compensate for the stick sliding away from your best gripping spot. I have dry hands and found that I have a lot of stick creep when I start playing, but after my hands get warm from playing for a few minutes, stick creep is no longer a problem. That's one of my reason's for warming up before playing a show. As you gain experience, you will learn what works best for you. The one thing you DO NOT want to do is, tighten your grip. Keep your grip loose and relaxed and learn how to adjust as you play. Practice these small adjustments so they become second nature and you no longer need to think about them.

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